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An Alien View

Originally Posted on October 26, 2010 on Updated on Sept 16th 2012 Diabetes and DNA crapshoots  It seems no matter what, I have never fit in with ‘Normal’. Normal pregnancy is 9 months, *I* came out after 6 months. Normal eyesight … Continue reading

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Technology is so great!

Today, I am actually dictating this little post on my iPad. This is a boom to people who do not see well. To be able to say things and have your device type for you has been great for anyone … Continue reading

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Intolerance has a sad face

Today, we had gone into the local Target store near my home in Costa Mesa. I had some prescriptions to pick up and my guy had to get his 3-month refills done too. While mine was fairly quick and straightforward, … Continue reading

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Do Doctors listen… Really?

Recently, at my last appointment in August, I was speaking with my Endocrinologist. We were discussing my insulin pump and I did point out to him that since my cataract operation, I was finding my Minimed Revel pump hard to … Continue reading

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