Intolerance has a sad face

Today, we had gone into the local Target store near my home in Costa Mesa. I had some prescriptions to pick up and my guy had to get his 3-month refills done too. While mine was fairly quick and straightforward, we had to wait for his stuff to be filled. Of course, this called for a stop at the in store Starbucks for a frappe, and sitting a while.

I always wonder if People with diabetes or other chronic condition may be more sensitive  to people and things around them, or if I’ve always just been a soppy, big git. I have a soft heart for Puppies, Kittens, People, even when I see a space alien killed in a Sci-Fi movie, I feel for them too. OK. enough of that.

I noticed the pile of things over at the next table, Wheelie carts, bags, clothes etc…. and a homeless woman, peacefully dozing away. I was doubtful that she was in fact, homeless. There was no overbearing odor that usually accompanies the homeless, due to their inability to always find a place to wash up. In fact, I at first thought she was there watching all these things for others, perhaps her family who might have been off to look and finish their shopping. She just sat, head down to her chest, not begging, not raising a fuss, I was told by Thomas that she was definitely homeless. I have partial sight, so I did not notice the dirt, scuffs etc on her items.


I feel very deeply for the homeless women in particular. Homelessness is itself a heavy road to travel, but when most of these people are actually mentally imbalanced, they can be even more vulnerable to the vultures of the streets who would most likely kill you for a nickel. I do not know of the “Target Lady’s” past and would not even try to think of what abuses she may have gone trough out on the streets. In my head, I thought of this and was glancing at her stuff to see where I could perhaps stick a $10 so she would eat better today. She napped on, she looked at peace.

“WHAT IS THIS??? THAT IS SICKENING!!” The harsh, heavily accented voice rang out to the alcove where Starbucks and Pizza Hut share their tables. Some customers looked at the source of the voice. A tallish, middle aged woman, perhaps not much older than I, stood there, Her coiffed, blonde hair shone as if on fire under the lights, dressed in a black pants/top combo. This woman had the face of Medusa as she pointed at the homeless woman. “This makes me lose my appetite!” and stormed off. She had what *I* perceived to be a German accent.

My man, Thomas, Lived in Germany and told me she was indeed German.

The Germanic “Medusa” returned and stood there glaring at the homeless woman. Her face every bit of the Gorgon I equate her to.

The homeless woman looked up a little, but kept her eyes down.

Other customers were looking between the two women, I stared daggers at the angry one standing to my right. “You see this??” She yelled at my direction. I shrugged and turned back to Thomas at our table, Fully expecting John Quinones and the ABC’s “What would You Do?” staff to come out to say it is a bit for their show. I wanted to tell the Gorgon to get a grip. If she wanted to make that other women her problem, to get her some help, (“That’s fine. But *YOU* are more of a put-off to most people because of your intolerance!” I was about to say to the demon.)

Instead, I went to go pay for my Yuban and a couple of things at the register, and on coming back to Targets’ ‘Food court’, The Gorgon steamed past me. The Homeless woman sat there looking a bit bemused. A voice (The Gorgon’s … AGAIN) Rasped out from the distance: “You are NOT SICK! Go and get a job!”

Quietly, I approached the homeless lady after my guy had gone to pick up his prescriptions. I chatted a little to her, I know she has a mental problem, but all she could say was something along the lines of “My Jesus Christ, He keeps me standin’ I’m so blessed…” and her beautiful face looking at me… I could barely hold my tears as I handed her the $10 note, telling her to go get a nice meal, and ignore small minds. “Aw, dat’s OK, baby, Jesus lookin’ after me!” She took the note but wasn’t angry or sad at the verbal abuse she had received. Her eyes were open, bright and her face was so peaceful.

This homeless lady may be a bit unbalanced, but Spiritually, she has a light inside her. She has a path that is straight and narrow.

May whatever deity she loves bless and keep her safe.

If the Gorgon is in fact reading this, I wish you no harm, I only hope you receive the understanding that you give.

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4 Responses to Intolerance has a sad face

  1. You should warn to have tissues in hand. Thank you for ‘noticing’. Who’s to say Target Lady wasn’t an angel testing us?

  2. Tricia says:

    What a sharp contrast you experienced between the natures of 2 different women. The homeless woman apparently had all her faith in an awesome, powerful, righteous yet tender loving, caring God who has revieled Himself in the Bible. That “angel” seemed to exhibit the “peace that passes all understanding”. Such a blessed state of “knowing her God” that her circumstances did not, could not steal her peace- even in the face of ridicule. This is the strength that I draw from to deal with “life”. Amen Angel, Amen.

  3. Liz says:

    That was an amazing post!

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