Technology is so great!

Today, I am actually dictating this little post on my iPad. This is a boom to people who do not see well. To be able to say things and have your device type for you has been great for anyone with difficulties in using their hands, with seeing, or maybe would like to just make a quick entry while out on the road with their iPad. Usually, I will be at my iMac and use a conventional keyboard. But there are times, that I’m at work or maybe out and about and I see something odd or strange and I wish to post about it.

This is also my first attempt at using the WordPress application on the iPad I hope to make this a long and beautiful relationship.

To think only a few years ago, I did not even like computers. I was not able to use them effortlessly like I am now. I can only dream of what my life would’ve been like had these devices been available during my school days – even in college, this would’ve made such a difference!

No offense to Dragon naturally speaking, but I barely had to train this dictation program that came included on the new iPad and the iPhone 4S with Siri. Currently, I have made precisely 5 corrections to this entire message so far. I feel this is very good considering this app requires no training no vvoice recognition preparedness with a special Microphone, etc.

Dictation aside, I do notice that zoom text and apples voice over utility are not in conjunction working together. You have to turn off the Zoom text if you want voiceover and vice versa. This to me is unintuitive to the visually impaired user. However, there are many many advances in technology. I feel this is only a short little skip and jump before improvements might come along very soon.


In the world of diabetes and technology, there have been so many progressions this year alone. We now have a touchscreen insulin pump, we have lit up, high contrast displays for glucose monitors, and they’re even experimenting with a closed loop system otherwise known as the artificial pancreas. When I was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes 28 years ago the insulin pump itself even in the rudimentary form was only a dream that I would actually ever wear one.

I hope mankind never loses curiosity. I hope the we all maintain a long view of what we could actually do and of what we can all become. Our fictions, our arts, and our very souls have it within us to be better than we currently are. Let us all Run with that, shall we?



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