Not sure I like the new way

I’m trying to log in to my Sugarbeat blog to add a post, but the ‘Remember me’ did not work. The look is totally different here now, so I’m a bit disappointed my ease of signing in is apparently gone.

It happened after I had to run a reinstall of my OS X. but ironically, none of my other websites have “forgotten” me.

I’m working on my tSlim appeal this week. Was chasing around, calling, writing and emailing, giving my consent for the Ophthalmologists to release my medical records to my insurance. I find it strange that my insurance would not actually have this data already, having signed AOB (Allocation of Benefits) forms, HIPPA forms and the aforementioned CONSENT FORMS in the past for these Records to be released to the insurance.

Hopefully, my workings of this week will be fruitful and I will have a tSlim insulin pump

very soon!Image

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