We Never Know What We Have.

Today, on Twitter, I was chatting with people and a few would say how they wish they could have a lot of time off from work. “I’m tired” or “My supervisor has it in for me” or “I’m Bored!” Mainly, just yakking about life in general.

I know how it feels, sometimes I want to sleep in, clean the house a little, make some appointments and get them done, but on my days off, I sleep, do a bit of laundry and don’t WANT to go do a lot of things. I want to be a lazy cuss!

Well, a few weeks ago, we were pretty busy at work and I did get more hours so I could get more money for a new iMac. On my lunch break, I went outside into the warm day to get some rays. A little into my half hour, a lady was pushed outside in her wheelchair by her daughter, who then retreated back into the mall. The lady pulled out cigarettes and lit up.  I asked if she was waiting for a ride home, but she was just waiting for her daughter to finish up in the mall and they were OK to get home.

We started to chat because I had dug out my little iBGStar glucose meter and docked it to my iPhone. As I did my glucose test, she was looking at it with interest. I told her about the meter and that it was neat to use. She was a ‘Type 2’ and didn’t test a lot, but she liked this idea.

iBGStar Glucose meter

I got up and gathered my stuff, “Gotta get back to work.” I told her. She said “Oh, I would give anything to be able to work again!” She looked sad. 

Whoa.  Just…. Whoa.

I tried to cheer her, saying she was still working, at supervisor of her family. While she got a smile from that, I had to give her a quick hug for waking me up. You see, before getting the job I have, I was chronically unemployed. People would usually see the eyesight difficulty I have and give my application the ‘Go by’. I was hired a bit over 7 years ago at this job and the encounter with that lady made me remember the years of not having anywhere to go, nothing to earn a paycheck with, the bouts of horrible depression I’d lived with. Constant feelings of worthlessness.

I NEVER want to go through that again. So I think when the phone rings calling me in to cover an extra shift, or I see a few extra hours in my schedule, I’m not going to complain. I going to run with this as long as I’m able, because I doubt that even if I’m eighty years old I would be ready to “retire”. If I don’t get a chore done at home, I’m good.

Type1 Awareness ribbon


At home or at work, I’ll be doing the Big Blue test. Check it out! Great way to raise awareness. Give it a go! Tweet your Big Blue test Before and after a 10 minute exercise and help raise funds for those in need.

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4 Responses to We Never Know What We Have.

  1. Great reminder J. Perspective sure makes a difference!

  2. Jenn Mama Bear says:

    I love those moments when we get the proverbial “slap upside the head”. I heard somewhere, and agree with it to this day, that if everyone threw their problems in the middle of the room and we could all pick what we wanted we would take our own problems back.

  3. SO true, you don’t know how much you appreciate something til it’s gone. Jenn said it best above – you think you have problems til you hear about others.
    What an easy test that blue test was to take!

    • So happy it is an easy way. Test, exercise, ten min later, test again. Tweet the tests and some of the pharmacy companies donate for insulin to those in need like Haiti.

      `’•.¸*♫♪(✿◠‿◠)♫♪*¸.•’´ (♡) sent from the New iPad (♡) ¸.•’´*♫♪(✿◠‿◠)♫♪*`’•.¸

      Celtic 1

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