I’m getting The T-Slim!!


T-Slim Home screen

The Folks at at Maximus Federal Appeals Overturned the denial! I thank them so much for being there for me!

I immediately called and emailed all involved in this to thank them for being there for me as well. Yes, we Patients have rights, but let us not forget the humanity of a simple, heartfelt “Thank you” to those who help us! My insurance case-worker, the Endocrinologist’s office, the pump company’s insurance depart, the Ophthalmologists etc, all played a part in this success.

This is incredibly great!! I’m in possession of my copies of the letters from both Maximus and OneCare, along with Monarch. I’ve contacted the great team at Tandem Diabetes’ Insurance verifications for their hard work in this too.

I also contacted Solara Mdical Supplies, because they are the Out of network provider my insurance will be working with.

I went to Tandem’s website and downloaded the PDF’s of the User Guides and so on so I am studying the workings of this new pump. SO EXCITED!!

No-scroll number pad

I can say “Goodbye” to constantly scrolling my data into the pump. Once I get used to this new device, entering my data for my insulin doses on a daily basis should become quick and easier than what I have to do now.

This last week, I also had a visit from the dreaded ‘stomach bug’. I actually had to call in sick to work (!) a rarity for me! Tuesday I was not worth a k’RAP to anyone, so I stayed off solid foods, drinking copious amounts of liquids, electrolyte drinks (Mainly Pedialyte powders) and -on my CDE’s recommendation- ordered some ZipFizz sports drink powders at Amazon. ZipFizz is sugar free, has electrolytes and B vitamin as well. She says it tastes great and she usually doesn’t steer me wrong. I was running in the middle of 100-200 mg/dL all of Tuesday. Must have done 10+ bg tests thru the day. Finally, I changed the reservoir and set of my insulin pump Tuesday night.

I survived Tuesday. Wednesday, I woke with a touch of headache (Sign of a bit of dehydration) so I kept up up the fluids, but I ate and things seemed to improve. My blood glucose, if anything was TOO low. So much, I planned on calling work on Thursday to offer to come in. I’d lost a day’s work, so what the heck? I would wake up, get some phone calls done, hit the Lab for my blood draw (Endocrine appointment on the 14th) and go to work. Cool, right?

Alas, my body had other plans :-( I woke on Thursday running to the loo, emergency laundry and shower. Did not eat breakfast, but sucked on Glucose drinks and water, I let it run its’ course till 1:00 PM when I was ‘cleared out’. Blood glucose was all still in the low range, 100 or less, usually I was in the mid-70′s. Rode the bike to the lab, got blood draw done came back home and finished recovering. By late Thursday night, I was back to normal -in every respect- and went to bed early.

Friday and Saturday, I did more time than scheduled for, feeling great!

Having the great news about the T:Slim and also playing with the new iPad Mini gave my sick days a boost. Even though I have a large iPad “3″, I kept going to the little mini. I guess that is testimonial to how I like it. It’s so light and fits into my cargo pants side pocket, my Scrub pants pockets

iPad Mini in Cargo pocket

See the little “baby”? I can button the pocket shut and it’s secure in there.

The skinny young guys at work were putting the iPad mini in the back pocket of their jeans … Kids, do NOT try this at home! It may not break, but if you sit with it like that, it will rise from the pocket and flip onto the floor.

I’m browsing the Tandem website. Chose a couple of holster-type holders for the new T:Slim… I doubt I will be hiding it much at all! It is a “trophy” in a sense, of my perseverance in obtaining it! I got belt-clip for it so I can wear it Right OUT THERE! 

Being a female, I also chose one of their little ‘wallet’ dealie-bobs for it. Yes, even for the insulin pump, I am a sick lady. I like accessories and wearability. I also chose the sets I would like to use. Comparing them to my current choices I use on the Minimed Revel 723 insulin pump.

I’ll most likely be posting a lot more about this pump. It will be a learning curve, but I read every review I can find about it, so I know the “warts & all” about it now.



I was chatting in Facebook about this news and actually wound up as co Admin of a new Facebook group for T-Slim users! Come check us out! Tandem T-Slim

Photo-shot at TCOYD

I also thank the Tandem guys at their booth at San Diego’s TCOYD conference for letting me sit with them, play with the demo and love on it. Their support was so cool!

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3 Responses to I’m getting The T-Slim!!

  1. That is awesome, so glad it worked out and they overturned it for you!! Doing a Happy Dance for you….

  2. Great news! I’m very happy for ya!

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