My New T-Slim!!

It arrived today at 4:16PM!! Oh, MAN! To say I am overjoyed is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I wanted to insert a video here, but have to pay I guess. Will have to wait until Payday for that bubbas.

I literally scared the heck out of the delivery guy, Signed for it, Picked up my parcel and hugged it as I went back into the house. I’m so elated, words escape me! I opened the “Discreet Brown Packaging” (ahem) and unpacked the filler paper etc. Some tree gave its’ all for this package.

BIG Box!It’s Amazing what getting big boxes at Holiday time can do for a mood, huh? I cut open the flaps and took that filler out to see HEAVEN!

Nice! Goodies!

The Medical supplier Solara Medical Supplies even sent me a little pouch thingie to put miscellaneous stuff into. But, I digress. This is the most beautiful sight ever!

My T-SlimBut, we can’t forget it’s assistants; Infusion sets, cartridges, wall and car charger, USB to Micro USB cable, belt clip and ‘slider’ case in matte black. There’s a little card in here that if you don’t know what it is you might well toss it out.

DON’T Throw it away! It is a little USB drive containing digital media for you. Problem is, It did not open on my iMac. Not too worried, I downloaded the PDFs of their guides and such from their website. Been studying and looking them over for the last few weeks!

The whole kit

They also give you two little keyring-like things which are NOT just ‘swag’, these are what one would use to release the cartridge from the pump when you are going to reload the T-Slim. A tool you would do well to keep on your keyring, because using this will be less likely to leave scratches at the slot on the side/rear of your pump.

The cartridge outfit is different than what I’ve gotten used to for the last 6 years on another brand. It comes in three parts: A syringe, a needle with cap, and the black cartridge. All in separate blister wrap. It’s cool with me. Don’t let the size of the cap over the needle fool you, it is actually a pretty small needle to draw the insulin up and to fill the cartridge with.

All the parts

When I unboxed the pump itself, I plugged in the wall charger and it was only a few minutes before a ‘Beep’ drew my attention to it. The battery was already fully-charged. In Options> My Pump>Date and time, the time was accurate as was the date. NICE!! The fact I could clearly hear the Beep from where it sat in my room, all the way up into the kitchen is remarkable. I can adjust the volume of the beeps, I set them for data entry: Medium, Alarms: High. There is also a ‘Vibrate’ mode!

Home Screen

Still in Options (settings), I looked over the Basal rate profiles and intuitively was able to set my two profiles, “Day Off” and “Work”. NOTE: If you are moving to a T-Slim from another pump, as I was, Write down (or tap into your notes app) your current settings for basal rates, Insulin Sensitivity Factor (ISF) and Insulin:CHO ratio. Having this in front of you for programming the T-Slim (Or indeed any new Pump) is a good thing!

With the help of the great videos from Tandem and their User guide I had no trepidation at all of fiddling with this, getting all my data in and such. I locked and filled a cartridge with old insulin and did a prime of the tubing.

With the help also, of a user in our Facebook group “Tandem T-Slim”, who made a video of this procedure .. She has Videos at her YouTube page “CalmIsAJoke” This young lady is so cute, exuberant and lively! Filling the cartridge, pt 1 & 2 are the best -you can see the pump and so on with her talking you through them. She is NOT a Doctor, but Is a T-Slim user. It is thanks to her I was even more comforted in trying this all out now.

First letting the pump detect the new cartridge, let it expel any air in the cartridge. Filling the cartridge with the syringe of insulin to 300 units… Attaching the luer lock infusion line to the little connector tail from the top of the cartridge. Then hold the infusion line straight up from the T-Slim below will let any air bubbles that may have happened internally out first. it was actually pretty simple, and that was the part I kind of dreaded most. It may seem overwhelming to someone just beginning on a pump generally, but I actually felt very comfortable with it.

T-Slim in the wild

With the “Dummy” cartridge filled, I then ‘Practiced’ on bolusing my insulin. The 10-Key number pad is so much nicer for me. NO MORE SCROLLING my data!! That is extreme for me. Tonight, My ‘old’ pump took a lot longer to do my entries at table than when I did a dummy run (Same values) on the T-Slim, I was ready to go in less than a minute. I love this method so much more.

I’m thinking of just doing a “lock and load” with new insulin and going “Live”. I trust my ability, and the quality of the equipment to do so. Having said that, I do caution: If you are new to insulin pumping and the T-Slim is your first or even second pump, *DO* wait for training by the Company’s CDE. I’m an utter Tech geek and work in technology. I knew if I wasn’t sure of anything in this set up etc, I’d even wait. But, I’m totally comfortable with it. I’ve been pumping insulin for a little over 18 years.

T-Slim in Starbucks

With this long post, I am going to see about editing a little video for this tomorrow. It’s just me, being silly and gleeful as I unboxed this wonderful instrument!

Thank you, Tandem Diabetes, for using new technology, a bitter screen and I am happy that I shall “Touch Simplicity” for years to come! I Love this!

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7 Responses to My New T-Slim!!

  1. Alanna says:

    Great review of the first steps! Thanks! Maybe when it comes to Canada I will switch 😉 It will probably be on its 5th model by then.

  2. Paul (Da Haggis) says:

    Pic 7. In the sweetie aisle I see :))

    • LOL!! BUSTED!! We were at CVS pharmacy (Chemist) for little aspirin for my arthritic dog. They of course put the sweeties there, the Cigarettes there in the front of the store and the Pharmacy (Chemist) is clear to the back of the store. HAH!

  3. I’m so incredibly happy!!! I mean if we HAVE to be PWD’s, we gotsta have the best equipage!

  4. Respect Privacy says:

    If you have pen cartridges, you can skip the “load into syringe” step. Just put a pen needle on the pen cartridge, and push the insulin straight into the pump cartridge.

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