After One Week On T:Slim

YAY!!! I’ve hooked up to the new T:Slim pump on Wednesday night and so this year, “T-Day” means ‘Thanksgiving’ as normal, but now it also means T:Slim DAY for me!!!

I have actually had to LOWER all my basals, My I:CHO Ratios and left other settings where they were (Copied from my old pump). At work I have been running in the upper 60’s to the low 70’s! Pretty low for a workday, so I can either lower the daytime basals, or eat a bit more through the workday. At home, I ran in “Day-Off” Profile, still wen to 58-72. I will lower the basals!

Remember…. I was reminding all of us to say “Thank You” to those who help us in matters such as these? I left a voicemail for my OneCare Case worker and she called back in less than 15 minutes. I could hear in her voice she was overwhelmed that someone did that. If it ever happens, it apparently isn’t often enough because she was incredulously happy to get my voicemail. I told here there would be a card coming too. I’d already printed what turned out to be a 3 page ‘newsletter for her and all the others who played a part in my getting this pump!

This is the first page of my printout for them

After a week of being on this amazing insulin pump, that is EXACTLY the truth!

It is exactly how I felt as I received the package and hooked up!

All mentioned in the newsletter are: OneCare/CalOPTIMA, Monarch Family Healthcare, Tandem Diabetes, Solara Medical Supplies of Imperial Beach

I was going to print it on glossy photo paper, but that didn’t work too great in my normal inkjet printer, so I took it slow and got 3 copies out for those I do not have emails to. My Case managers at my insurance network I DO have their emails, so they got it as a PDF.

I also got to meet up with J.H. the Tandem Diabetes trainer. She’s a nice lady, and didn’t seem upset I hooked up. With folks like me who’ve been at this for a long time, they accept it enough. I told her The Tandem slogan is true “Touch Simplicity” I have and it IS.

Now, it is a week of discovering sets. With the luer lock, I have a LOAD of choices in the sets department. I did not care much for the Insets, wasted 2 of them last night in trying to insert one, … AFTER ripping the good one out of my arm while coming into the kitchen with groceries. Nothing new, I’ve done it before. But this time, the Insets just wouldn’t play nice with me!

I have a sample of Cleos, and Tandem is sending me a few others to try, Solara is sending me some Ultra Flex and a couple of Orbits. In all, an INTERESTING time to discover new sets! I guess this makes me a true Diabetes Geek! I tear up at receiving a new insulin pump. OF COURSE I’m a GEEK!

The new iPhone 4/4S case for those who use the iBGStar glucose meter, as I do. Pretty neat!

Speaking of GEEK, I do use a meter that docks to my iPhone, from Sanofi-Avantis, called the iBGStar. I’ve had this meter for some time, but today I received my iPhone iBGStar case! This holds the iPhone & meter together in a secure combo!

One thing, the bottom of the case comes off a bit too easily. I fixed this with a piece of soft velcro on the inside. It is now ‘thick’ enough to hold fast. Pretty neat, actually, I will use this! The case is a ‘rough’ looking plastic, giving the illusion of leather. I can put a couple of decals or something on the back to ‘customize’ it for myself.

A very ‘businesslike’ black, austere, can be dolled up with decals etc…

It’s been a great week for me, I do hope yours has been as FUN as mine!

Till next time!

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2 Responses to After One Week On T:Slim

  1. I love your Thank You Newsletter! I still have the first Thank you card I received at my last job. Being in billing, you normally get yelled at, so it meant a lot to me.

    Congrats on such a successful first week. We’ll have to plan a b-day party for next year.

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