FDA: This is rather silly, don’t you think?

It’s bugging me. I gotta spill it:

I’m posting this from my iPad Mini, so I hope you’ll forgive any “auto-correct” shenanigans 🙂

I could go buy a firearm with my clean record and check-up. Even though I am partially sighted (!)

I could go get Medical Marijuana or it’s pharmaceutical equivalent.. with a prescription.

But I cannot get the T:Connect T:Slim pump software; which would only be used to log the past actions on my T:Slim pump of things *I* have already done on the aforementioned pump, for my *own* use, because FDA is taking their time. Ironically, the INSULIN PUMP ITSELF is approved & available for use.

Nor can I buy the AliveCOR iPhone case with the ECG capabilities for my *own* use because I am not a doctor.

What IS wrong with this picture? What are we (Especially T:Slim users) being “Protected” from? It’s getting tiring, being “Nannied” in such a way it stops me from having tools of health care at my own hands.

Why this is happening in this day & age is anomalous to me. It is not as if I wish to “replace” my doctor, I am actually trying to help my doctor! HE wants to see the information in my insulin pump as well.

Granted, the AliveCOR iPhone case with ECG capabilities is NOT a “Need” in my own case, but what if I were seeing a cardiologist and they would like the occasional 1-Lead ECG sent to them? I would think they would love to have a pro-active patient.

Alas, I guess I am mistaken. At least according to the FDA..

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One Response to FDA: This is rather silly, don’t you think?

  1. Sometimes I really wonder about the thinking of those who consider themselves to be “in the know”. Being in a Nanny state will not help anyone, but hurt them!… at least in my opinion.

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