Some Valentine’s Day!

Okay, We All Get like This…

Sitting here with ice on my hand, or putting the splint on and the sling on in order to go out, I am feeling a tad miffed at things.

Someone on Twitter says they’re not feeling well, could be a cold, flu… They get a load of replies such as “aw, sending healing vibes your way!” Or “Hope you feel better soon!” I posted about falling on Thursday and cracking my metacarpal bone (and my iPad Mini’s screen), only a very few replied to me, mainly asking about my iPad. Days later, I was asked by a few others; “wow, what happened?”…!

I went to my PCP’s office today -as they were closed for President’s Day, of course- from what I can gather, they never got my voicemail I left yesterday on their machine. I only got in because I called — again– this morning. I had my wrist brace on, told them about the big splint the ER had put on.

I told them how It was turning about on my arm, bugging me, so I removed it. I wrapped my hand in light gauze and put the wrist brace on. Then, I used the sling the ER gave me.

Actually, the Doctor didn’t seem to mind. He didn’t seem concerned at all with my way, so I felt slightly relieved at that. After noting the details, he said he would refer me to an orthopedic doc. That was it.

When I came out from the patient room, the nice lady at the desk handed me my papers and told me to call next Tuesday for the referral number & ortho’s name. OK, a week??? Oh, and get this: *I* have to go to the ER & get my x-rays myself to take to the orthopod!!!

(UPDATE 2/28/2013: The PCP’s office never called me back. I finally called them this last Tuesday, to be told someone would call me. Nope, I got nothin’!)

Apparently, they don’t know how to use a central patient database. Well, that’s cool, I have an image reader on my iMac. I can save the images to my photos. But this is a bit nuts!

Okay. So this isn’t the only thing I’m miffed at. I can accept I CHOSE to walk to the LaVeta Surgical Center. But, WHY did I choose such a path?

I’ll tell you why.

I’d tried the “Contact us” rigamarole leaving a message asking to get a phone call from them to answer some basic questions before a colonoscopy.

* I’m type 1 diabetic. What is a good drink to take the Miralax with?
* Can I leave my insulin pump on during this procedure?
* As I’ll be using medical taxi service, can I stay in the center to recover a bit longer if I need to before being picked up?

Very simple questions.

But, for the lack of a phone call, I felt I would just have to walk over to the place on Thursday and get some answers, as I was going to be in the general area anyway. As I crossed LaVeta & Parker, I tripped on the curb. All those cars passed as I struggled up to an upright position.

No, no one stopped to see if I was OK…

I noticed the cracked iPad Mini screen but despite that, the iPad still worked. I launched the Apple Store App, thanked my common sense for Apple Care + and made an appointment at the Genius Bar for a little after 5 PM…

I limped on to find the center. No, the desk nurse told me she couldn’t answer my questions, but she gave me an extra page I needed to fill out & bring with me on the day. She’d have a G.I nurse call me on Monday, the day before the colonoscopy. ( I wanted to shout: “NO!!! I can’t drive, I want to know what I need for Monday so I can do my shopping on SUNDAY!!!” I was ready to just bawl!) after the fall, stinging from that & the iPad Mini breaking, I was incredibly frustrated now.

Damnit! I still think she did not understand a thing I said.

Then when my guy picked me up to drive me home via the Apple store, He talked of how he was hungry, I parked him at Pacific Whey and got him a fish & chip dinner to eat while I went to the Apple Store. When I came back, he was ordering a quesadilla for himself… As I sat down I swiped a couple of slices of the quesadilla as he said “Oh, happy Valentine’s Day”. Yeah, OK.

At least I got my “Alien” prosthetic eye, that is a definite “Cool factor”

So, I’m here, with a fractured metacarpal, 2 good sized scrapes on my knee, $50.00 out of pocket, all morning on the 19th of February at the PCP’s……

All for the lack of a simple phone call.

(UPDATE 2/28/2013: on the way back from getting my X-ray CD from Hoag, the surgical center DID call back, I got my questions answered, only after leaving a scathing email on Tuesday, the 19th of February at their “Contact Us’ page again.)

Despite what many office workers may feel, despite what many nurses may feel, YOU DO IMPACT PEOPLE’S LIVES. Some of your choices might make us make choices that we might not have to make.

Please, a simple phone call shouldn’t be THAT problematic… Should it? I guess it is.




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4 Responses to Some Valentine’s Day!

  1. Between your eye, your hand, your iPad, and your tSlim you’ll soon be all new! 😀

    I would have swiped the entire quesadilla.. but that’s just me. 😉

  2. Jeanette Collier says:

    I saw your blog and wanted to share with you. Because T2 has inadvertently assumed the name Diabetes, there’s so much confusion. It’s not a opinion of, “I don’t want to be associated with them” for most of us T1’s, it’s a matter of “I’d like to end the confusion and fighting between the types”. Confusion equals conflict. Nearly 2,000 signatures in under 2 weeks – We are moms of Type 1 children who have filed a petition to revise the names of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes to more accurately reflect the nature of each disease. We tried to do this in a way that benefits both the Type 1 and Type 2 communities. We sincerely hope that we have accomplished our goal to make this petition benefit all of us. Please click on the link below to view our petition on and please read it in its entirety before passing any judgement.
    We respect your opinion if you choose not to support the petition. We apologize if we have offended anyone in any way with the language or purpose expressed in our petition. We truly tried to look at our petition from the position of all within the diabetes community and it was certainly not our intent to dismiss anyone’s feelings or needs. We thank supporters, and non-supporter alike, in advance for taking the time to read and consider our petition.
    Thank you,
    Jeanette Collier & Jamie Perez

    • I understand the need for clarification. This is why I tend to point out “type one” in referring to my own diabetes. It shushes those who are so ready to tell me “gee, if you exercised more, ate less… (Ad infinitum) you wouldn’t need to take insulin…” Yeah, okay… Hope others will also see this from you.

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