“We, The Undersigned” -D-Blog Week

With so many petitions out and about, requesting changes to anything from laws, to social norms, even getting new ‘Names’ for types of Diabetes…. There are also those having to do with medical insurance and what they will or will not pay for.

I was absolutely blown away by the ‘Angels’ around us these last two weeks. My continues glucose monitor’s transmitter went belly-up and I was very worried, because Medicare does not TYPICALLY  cover this for people who indeed might need it to save their life one day. I was fairly riled up at the “Ageism” of this policy. There were and still are some ‘Ageist’ policies in insurance and even in Social things. I was frightened at not getting a CGMS anymore from insurance! 

I posted my concerns on Facebook and people there in my groups had updated their CGM systems and sent me their older and still perfectly functioning ones! I have 2 MM transmitters sent to me, a Dexcom 7+ kit sent to me and Dexcom Sensors for the 7+ tat were sent to me. This had my heart touched to the point of tears. People don’t even know me and sent me these things to keep me going as I waited to hear from insurance about the replacement.

My last post, starting with: “I’ll Be A…. SUNNY BEACH!” is about the fact I was wrong in this case. I was APPROVED for a new transmitter! Boom, Done!

I probably had his expression...!

I probably had his expression…!

Just…. just …. Pick me up from the floor now….? I was shocked at the good news! I think there are changes in the wind and am very happy! I wish others I know of would have this happen for them.

Because at times, I feel that when you are young, you have Camps, you have activities and “fun” things offered to you. When I was diagnosed at the age of 28, I was in Belfast, N. I. and it was 9/9/1984. I was not ‘Young enough’ to go to anything other than a monthly British Diabetes Association meeting. I was not ‘Old enough” to go to senior’s activities ….Not that I would have wanted to, actually. Mainly, they were for the later-onset PWD’s on pills or diet, only occasionally the elders who needed a boost with injected insulin.

I’m 57, but I really do not feel ‘Old’! I get up and go to my job I love, I wear decent diabetes tech and am usually pretty current on most things like Technology, music, movies etc. I am unconventional in that I could never have children, but because of my eyesight I was not allowed to Foster or adopt either. So, while most people my age are doting on grandchildren, guiding the hands of new mothers in the timeless Wisdom of bearing a child, raising a family etc… I’m buried in Tech news, medical news… not what most ‘average’ people are into.

I do notice a few times, not many, but a few times, when some of the DOC peeps or my work colleagues would be meeting socially in my area, I am rarely invited to join in. Perhaps they thought I would be working or something, but to be honest, even if I have to say ‘No’ It is nice to be invited to social things. We all need a connection outside of the computer.

I doubt I would start a petition or anything about changing social norms like that, but I know other people are fighting big battles. They are trying to change insurance policies and big pharma or FDA ‘rules’ for things they need in order to live well with diabetes or other conditions. That, in my opinion, is a very important thing to do. It’s a nice privilege to have, that not everyone in the world does.

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2 Responses to “We, The Undersigned” -D-Blog Week

  1. How your doctor to forward a copy of your c-peptides lab, and reasons why you’d need the CGMS (e.g., hypo and hyper unawareness, fluctuating blood-sugars…)

    • They already did, and for me it actually worked out. I believe it is because I’ve been on CGMS for years and so this is nothing ‘New’ in my files. I’m extremely happy the doc and my case worker are there for me.

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