Well, I’ll Be….! (Update about CGMS)

Type1 Awareness ribbonWhen my guy was in the Army, he had a DI who was from Puerto Rico and the man’s broken English was some fodder for fun for the guys under his charge. The DI would bellow out: “HooKAY! You SUNNY BEACHES, FALL IN!!” for an example.

I heard from MiniMed today… I’ll be a…..Sunny Beach!!

MediCal/Medicare COVERED the transmitter replacement!! I should have it by Thursday if not before.

I did not think they would, but I got called today to confirm my mailing addy etc… WOW!! I don’t know, but I was floored!

To those on Facebook who had my back, I really don’t know how to express my gratitude for the help I’ve received in these last 2 weeks.

I want to continue using the Dex 7+ I have, but will understand if it’s asked for it back. Always good to have a backup!! I do like the Dex for the loudness of the alarms. Bigger screen, but LOATHE that they have yet to make a multi-platform software for the Dexcom’s data. I have to use my guys’ Windows 7 Laptop to get my data uploaded. The T:Connect for my T:Slim insulin pump is multi-platform, Minimed’s is multi-platform. THAT is my ONLY beef about the Dexcom system.

If no one wants the sensors and 7+Kit back, I will give it a good home and use it till the sensors are done.

The DOC totally rocks, and I thank you for having my back. 😀

Sometimes we can feel very alone until something happens and we need a hand, BANG! There they are, those “Angels among us” we hear about.

This is D-Blog week, so I posted here to do that, and also to let you know things have worked out.

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2 Responses to Well, I’ll Be….! (Update about CGMS)

  1. Jenn says:

    I’m a Sunny Beach too! This is very exciting that they covered the transmitter replacement. 😀

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