Pay it forward…

When my CGMS transmitter died, friends on Facebook actually SENT me Dexcom and Minimed transmitters and another sent me Dexcom Sensors to get me through as I waited on Insurance. This is amazing that so many people offered help! When I see these things happen it DOES tell me Humanity is still good and kind.

Dexcom is darn close!!

Dexcom is darn close!!

In my last few posts, I blogged for Diabetes Blog Week, and just about then was told my insurance APPROVED a new transmitter for me. I received the new device and my insulin pump supplies last Thursday … YAY!!

Pump supplies!! So nice to be stocked up!

Pump supplies!! So nice to be stocked up!

So, I’m happy to report that the Dexcom and one of the MM transmitters I received have gone to new homes! Less than 3 days after starting the Dexcom (Second kit I received on Saturday last week, because the first one also died of old age…) I read of a person who lost their Dex receiver and so as I was getting a new MM transmitter from insurance, I told her I’d send the kit I have to her when I got my new transmitter. 

New Transmitter from Insurance YES!!

New Transmitter from Insurance YES!!

I did, in fact send it out the evening I got my new transmitter and she got it on Saturday. WHEEE!!

Now, tomorrow, I have another P.O. run to make, sending one of the MM transmitters I was given to someone who lost theirs and some sensors to another person without insurance.

This is how people in the Diabetes Online community work. We send and receive in a never-ending circle of support and love. I shall never forget the people who had my back for years when I had no insurance, and then poor insurance that did not cover Insulin pumps or CGMS. I made a vow to myself I will always pay this forward when I can. Even if I couldn’t SEND anything, a note, email or card with support messages can heal the heart as well.

We who live with a chronic condition seem to have a heightened sensitivity to those of us who need a hand. Until a cure is found, I, for one, hope to never forget the “Angels” among us. We are all an awesome force of Positivity.

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2 Responses to Pay it forward…

  1. I’m still waiting for insurance notification. That will be in September after they receive the c-peptide tes and other jargont.

    • I feel your pain! I was waiting for MONTHS and this included appeals etc. for my T:Slim insulin pump. Insurance is a PITA to deal with, but it’s a necessary evil, so to speak.

      Best to you for your things you’re hoping for.

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